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Lars ”Lachen” Jonsson

Lars ”Lachen” Jonsson

Musician, composer and producer. Owner of “The Forest studio” south of Linköping, the centre of Bauta Records production. In this studio he combines many instruments and sounds of different kinds. Inspiration comes all the way from medieval songs, through the romantic classical era, to the art rock and improvised creative chaos of the 1970’s and 80’s.

His music can be described as in a review in Audion magazine: ”Bizarre sounding Swedish lyrics, cleverly crafted with off-beat rhythms and unusual melodic structures…”.

Lachen also works with sounds in other different concepts and environments: Exhibitions, installations or film. He has collaborated with Swedish artists as Göran Littorin and others.

Also member of Zut un feu rouge, Songs Between, UR KAOS and Prima Virga – ensemble for medieval music.

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