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Sublabels catalogue

Catalogue from the Bauta Records sublabels: Bauta Classics (chamber music in the classical tradition but also contemporary music), Bauta World (folkmusic and traditional music from other parts of the world) and Bauta Twisthouse (local rock and pop).

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Otto Freudenthal - Musik Av Otto Freudenthal
Lp BAC 8804
(Released 1988)

Otto Freudenthal – Musik Av Otto Freudenthal

This Lp presents music by the Swedish composer Otto Freudenthal. Chamber music in tonal compositions with a touch of modernism (in the spirit of composers as Hindemith and Sjostakovitj). Music for viola and piano. Viola duo, viola trio. Voice, piano, percussion. Piano solo.

Ljusa nätter och mörka blommor - Musiklinjen Vadstena Folkhögskola
CD BAC 9301
(Released 1993)

Ljusa nätter och mörka blommor – Musiklinjen Vadstena Folkhögskola

This CD is a collection of choir music and vocal music from 20th century Swedish composers. It is performed by students at Vadstena Folkhögskola, and recorded at this school.

Musik från Lunnevad
CD BAC 9701
(Released 1997)

Musik från Lunnevad – Musiklinjen vid Lunnevads Folkhögskola

This is CD is a compilation of music in different styles and traditions. All the way from renaissance music and Mozart, to contemporary choirmusic and jazz. It is a documentation of the music courses and students at Lunnevads folkhögskola in 1996 and 1997.

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Najmadin Gholami - Piri moxan
BAW 9701
(Released 1997)

Najmadin Gholami – Piri moxan

Traditional Kurdish music from one of the most renowned Kurdish singers. Now living in exile in Sweden Najmadin Gholami keeps his ancient culture alive by composing melodies inspired by the folklore of Kurdistan. The lyrics express the longing for liberty and love. On this recording he also plays daf (drum) and he works together with kurdish musicians on traditional instruments, such as santur, saz and tar.

Najmadin Gholami - Setaw
CD BAW 9501
(Released 1995)

Najmadin Gholami – Setaw

Another CD with Kurdish songs by Najmadin Gholami. The first one, recorded at “The Forest” and released on Bauta. Compared to his other CD “Piri Moxan”, this CD is more in the world-music style, a popular mix of east and west.

Khalid Rashid - Xurbet
CD BAW 9601
(Released 1996)

Khalid Rashid – Xurbet

Traditional Kurdish music from excellent flute- and clarinet player Khalid Rashid, living in Sweden. He also sings and plays other instruments on this album. Other musicians (such as Ali Shakori) play zarb daf, santur and tar.

Bauta Twisthouse logotype
Olga Särk - Tungt hjärta / Fyrahundra generationer
Ep BAT 8601
(Released 1986)

Olga Särk – Tungt hjärta / Fyrahundra generationer

The first single with this group from Linköping. Here they try out and establish their sound. A melodic rockcharacter , which mixes heavy drums and distorted guitar with brass instruments.
Musicians: Fredrik Blomgren (vocals) Ralph Dreilich (keyboards), Bengt Druid (drums), David Engström (trumpet), Staffan Karlsson (bass), Lasse Kvarnström (guitar, vocals), Pierre Sundin (trombone).
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Olga Särk - Vetenskapsmän / Änglar i marmor
Ep BAT 8701
(Released in 1987)

Olga Särk – Vetenskapsmän / Änglar i marmor

The second single with Olga Särk. Similar to the first one with the same line-up.
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Njurmännen - Chinese junkies / She´s a fucker
Ep BAT 8702
(Released in 1987)

Njurmännen – Chinese junkies / She’s a fucker

Two songs with this legendary group. They started their conceptual work in Linköping Sweden., and here they present a rather straight-forward, and rock.orientated version, of their odd electronic experiments.
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Olga - …ur mitt liv
Lp BAT 9001
(Released in 1990)

Olga – …ur mitt liv

On this Lp-album, this group has changed into “Olga” only.
Musicians are Bengt Druid, David Engström, Staffan Karlsson, Lasse Kvarnström and Pierre Sundin.
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Morning Stand - So Mean / No angel
Ep BAT 9003
(Released in 1990)

Morning Stand – So Mean / No angel

A group with a lot of energy and an intense live-feeling. Raw and dirty rockmusic, with guitars, vocals and drums.
Members are: Jan Davidsson, Lars-Erik Isaksson, Lars Hoffsten and Peter Hovbrandt.
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Olga - Ingen mans land
CD BAT 9401
(Released in 1994)

Olga – Ingen mans land

Here is Olga on CD. A more professional and tighter sound. Nice brass arrangements including horn. Odd instruments as recorder, rebec and violin played by Lach’n Jonsson.
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Sick’n Blues - Hot black coffee
CD BAT 9703
(Released in 1997)

Sick’n Blues – Hot black coffee

Bluesmusic from Norrköping, Sweden. The first CD with this eartbound quartet with a strong feeling for the tradition. The songs are their own, mixed with some classics.
Members: Mats Andersson (bass), Göran Persson (drums), Lasse Roselius (guiter, vocals), Lasse Wirström (harmonica, rhythm guitar, vocals).
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Sick’n Blues - Milk the duck
CD BAT 0201
(Released in 2002)

Sick’n Blues – Milk the duck

On their second CD , Sick’n blues gets more milk out of Mother Blues. The music is more fluent and the sound is richer and more varied. Same members as on their first CD.
Music recorded at “The Forest”.

Ex Canix - Primi
Lp och CD BAT 1601
(Released in 2017)

Ex Canix – Primi

Improvised, rhythmic music from Linköping. In the spirit of Can. Most of the members are veterans in this town’s experimental music scene.
On this recording: Tjabbe Anstérus: percussion, Boch: bass, electronics,cello and guitar. Lars Hoffsten: drus and percussion. Håkke Muller: electronics, keyboards and bass. Guest is Shadow on saxophone. A travel from stone age to outer space.

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