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Fontana Re:Mix

Fontana Re:Mix
Photo: Viktoria Lindholm

In September 1978 a young  trio started to play and compose in Linköping Sweden. They called themselves Fontana Mix. The music and attitude was radical; in the spirit of composers and groups like John Cage, Frank Zappa and Henry Cow. Freejazz was also an influence. They played a lot of concerts, but never made any studio recording.

In 1980 they moved to Stockholm to study music and find new perspectives. There they expanded the trio with bassplayer Niklas Billström and worked intensely as a quartet for a year. And then the group grew further and became a septett with the woodwind players Nils Personne, Jörgen Adolfsson and Christer Bothén. This big band played together for about a year, and then it all ended.

After nearly 40 years the original trio has revived, with new music, and wider influences. Now they work in the recording studio from the start. The music is based on improvisation, but the recording facilities become a new instrument and an added opportunity.

The now called Fontana Re:Mix are: Magnus Alexanderson, Björn Hellström, Lars “Lachen” Jonsson,

Fontana Mix 1980

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