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Asken Yggdrasil

Asken Yggdrasil - Asken Yggdrasil
BAR 1201 (released 2012)

Music by Lars ”Lachen” Jonsson and Mats Jonsson. The music on this record is from another era, consisting of remains excavated from tape archives. The music was created under the influence of records such as Bo Hansson-Lord of the rings; Instrumental, melodic music with a touch of old folk-traditions and a Nordic atmosphere. Old Norse mythology became the theme for a musical suite, where the predictions of the Voluspa gave the motifs to form an instrumental tale.
Composed and recorded in Skog, Sturefors, 1974-1976, by Mats and Lars Jonsson. Edited, mixed and mastered in The Forest studio, Sturefors, 2010-2011, by Lars Jonsson.
Mats Jonsson – electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano (solo). Lars Jonsson – drums, organ, electric piano, piano, bass guitar, metallophone, acoustic guitar.
Hans Bengtén – bass guitar, mandolin (A6, B2, B4), and cover layout.Bengt Uggla – guitar (A6)

Track list:
1 – Midgårdsormen / 2 – Urd, Skuld och Verdandi / 3 – Ratatosk / 4 – Yggdrasil / 5 – Yme / 6 – Nagelfar / 7 – Soluppgång / 8 – Valhall / 9 – Balders död / 10 – Ragnarök / 11 – Över tusen hav / 12 – Ginnungagap

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