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Lach’n Jonsson – Songs from cities of decay

Lach’n Jonsson - Songs from cities of decay
LP BAR 8901 (released 1989)
CD BAR 9602 (released 1996)

The theme here expressed is the polarity between nature and culture. This album is a hymn to the powers of life and death; the unavoidable cyclic dependence.
These songs originate from the lyrics of the swedish female author Birgitta Trotzig. The poetic language has inspired a music of many variations. You may call this chambermusic. But there is also the high density of rockmusic, and beyond that some improvisation and electronic violent outbursts…
The possible audible influences ranges all the way from Hanns Eisler to Slapp Happy, Art Zoyd and Gentle Giant. But this is also definitely Swedish music.
The music is composed and produced by ”Lach’n” Jonsson. All the instruments and vocals are also performed by him.
His music is also heard on the album ”Music for the dying forest”, and also on albums with the groups Zut un feu rouge, Ur Kaos, and Songs Between.
”While this may be the darkest rock-oriented album I’ve ever heard, there’s a heartfelt passion to Jonsson’s music that makes these excursions into the sepulchre exhilirating rather than depressing.” (Michael Draine)

Lyrics : Birgitta Trotzig
Cover pictures : Göran Littorin

This album is available both on LP and on CD. The CD is a reissue 7 years after the LP release. The CD contains one extra track.

Track list: 1 – Han såg… / 2 – Stad / 3 – The song of the rats / 4 Askvarelsen / 5 – Ur träsken och skogarna / 6 – Vindens sang / 7 – Livskänslan / 8 Tomma bakgårdar / 9 Intermezzo: Andning (bonus track for CD) / 10 Monument

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