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Na Margon

Na Margon - Death's angel
CD-Ep BAR 9302
(Released 1993)

Na Margon – The Lightning Man. Music by Ronnie Ehrs.
People involved: Ronnie Ehrs – keyboards, guitar, Maria Wassrin lead vocal, Björn Viitanen – drums, Ulf Andersson – soprano saxophone, Tony Nyberg – guitar, Margareta Nyhlén – vocal, Lachen Jonsson – sound production.
Na Margon is a low budget studio project, supervised and conducted by Ronnie Ehrs. This is composed ‘art-rock’. Very little improvisation has been allowed. Recorded at The Forest studio during 1991-1992 by Lachen Jonsson.

Track list:
1 – Death’s Angel / 2 – If / 3 – Death’s Angel – subconscious version

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