Na Margon

Na Margon - Death's angel
CD-Ep BAR 9302
(Released 1993)

Na Margon – The Lightning Man. Music by Ronnie Ehrs.
People involved: Ronnie Ehrs, Maria Wassrin, Björn Viitanen, Ulf Andersson, Tony Nyberg, Margareta Nyhlén, Lach’n Jonsson.
Na Margon is a low budget studio project, supervised and conducted by Ronnie Ehrs. This is composed ‘art-rock’. Very little improvisation has been allowed.
Concerning the motives behind this opuscule:
There is no wish to become famous. There is no wish to become rich. There is no wish to even become recognized. There is only one wish, and that is to convey musical ideas and their emotional origin – which of course is the true essence of music.
So let the music speak…

Track list:
1 – Death’s Angel / 2 – If / 3 – Death’s Angel – subconscious version