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Sten Sandell – Damp

Sten Sandell - Damp
Lp BAR 8502
(Released 1985)

This is the first solo Lp from Sten Sandell, also member of Songs Between… and Så Vidare. On this Lp Sten plays piano, synthesizer and percussion. He is accompanied by Sören Runolf on electric guitar. The music on Damp takes its inspiration from funk and raga as well as from Stockhausen. “This being labelled narrow music, doesn’t exclude the fact that it can attract a Brian Eno fan, as well as listeners from the rock, jazz and contemporary music fields.” (Ingvar Karkoff, Dagens Nyheter)

Track list:
1 – / Damp / 2 – Perhentian / 3 – To be / 4 – Ahead / 5 – Flowing (to Sanna) / 6 – The end, and

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