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Förträngt Hushållsarbete – Offret om att älska

Förträngt Hushållsarbete - Offret om att älska
CD BAR 0201
(Released 2002)

Musicians: Jonas Åström: guitars, vocals, voices, keyboards, percussion and piano. Jan Nilsson: bassguitar, voices, percussion, flute and piano. Michael Hellström: drums, percussion, voices and keyboard.
Lyrics: Jonas Åström and Eva Kristina Olsson, from her collected poetry work ”Brottet”.
Album sleeve art: Helena Isoz.
Förträngt hushållsarbete were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden. ”The offer about loving…” is their first album on Bauta records. The music can be described as an artwork with a strongly committed expression where both thought and feeling take their place without antagonising each other. Like a journey through time where different rooms mirror the inexhaustible everyday technologically medial sound currents. Sometimes colliding and wanting to meet again, from every direction at once in conflict-filled oppositions, only to gradually alter and rise in an almost sacred peacefulness, where one can make out the echo of past antiquated and expiring voices that come into existence…
On the border between unorthodox rock and experimental art music, odd-timing and cross-rhythms, dissonance, an engagement of both electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Samplings, sound recordings, tape and voices. Song, conversations, improvisations and composed material, together with collage. Composed poetry, where existential questions are considered, about the diversity of unity.

Track list:
1 – Det ouppståndna deformerat / 2 – Kaos och förvirring / 3 – Silvernål / 4 – Hästen / 5 – I dig själv vilse / 6 – Smärta och hjärna / 7 – Himlen säger / 8 – Isolerad / 9 – Mimesis / 10 – En livmoder i en lam nutid / 11 – Offret om att älska / 12 – Hjärntrådar / 13 – Fukten

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