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UR KAOS – Av sprucket ut är valt ett inuti

UR KAOS - Av sprucket ut är valt ett inuti
CD BAR 9901

”Av sprucket ut är valt ett inuti” is the third album by UR KAOS. Improvisation is the foundation in the work of UR KAOS. During a long, creative process the material is formed and arranged into the finally edited result.
Av sprucket ut… was produced and recorded by UR KAOS during the last decade of the 20th century. Recording and mixing took place in The Forest studio of Bauta Records, south of Linköping, Sweden. from 1995 to 1998. On this album for the first time Ur Kaos sing in Swedish. This gives a different and even more unique character to the music.
The lyrics are their own words but also by others, such as German mystic Jacob Böhme and powerful Swedish romantic poets as Gustaf Fröding and Ivar Conradsson. Album pictures: Mats B Pauls.
”With their subtly nuanced modulations of unresolved tension and atmosphere of sooty desolation, Sweden’s UR KAOS are one of the precious few bands vibrating at an emotional frequency in tune with the resigned doom of This Heat’s Deceit.” (Alternative Press)

Track list:1 – Berättelse / 2 – Av sprucket / 3 – Ordlös / 4 – Kärlekssången / 5 – Brottet en gunga / 6 – Vargsång / 7 – / 8 – Gallret / 9 – Skredet / 10 – Spindelshimmel / 11 – Endast det / 12 – Framför oss / 13 – Metallers avsken ljuva / 14 – Marsk / 15 – Fågeln i Cynthias hår / 16 – Det stora urets vrede / 17 – Dagar likt segel / 18 – En sådan olust finnes / 19 – I benhinnans glans / 20 – Från en annan ordning / 21 – Spår för den som söker törst

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