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Fontana Re:Mix – Traces of Time

BAR 2101 (released 2021)

This is a new musical release, an album made by an old group with a new sound. It is a rare mix of improvised an composed songs.
Free improvisation is the start. The recorded material and sounds is later shaped into songs and short pieces of different character. The music goes through a long process of producing and experimenting. The final result becomes a special re-mix which goes beyond borders and conventions.
Fontana Re:Mix are: Magnus Alexanderson, guitar, electric arpeggione, loops and electronics
Björn Hellström, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, bass flute, all with electronic preparation
Lars “Lachen” Jonsson, sings and plays keyboards, violin, percussion, bass guitar, harmonica, loops and sounds.
The album is recorded and produced in The Forest studio of Bauta Records, during 2018 – 2020. It is released both on CD and on several digital streaming platforms.

Cover art: Leif Elggren

Track list:

1 – The signal to ascend. (Lyrics and title from Paradise lost, Book 2 by John Milton) / 2 – Haze / 3 – French revolution (Lyrics and title from William Blake. Poem published 1791) / 4 – Lava / 5 – O Mirum Admirandum (Lyrics and title from hymn by Hildegard von Bingen) / 6 – What the Emperor forgot / 7 – Daily exercise / 8 – Molnen stannar (Lyrics from Chinese poem by T’ao Ch’ien, 372-427) / 9 – Crane song / 10 – Hush / 11 – Ludwig’s shuffle (Text from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Notebooks, 1914-1916) / 12 – Drowning by flowers / 13 – Lore / 14 – Hymnen an die Nacht (Lyrics and title from poem by Novalis – Friedrich von Hardenberg) / 15 – Entrance to the tracks behind us / 16 – 16. Paviljongen (Lyrics from old Chinese poem by Ch’ang Chien) / 17 – The last dance / 18 – Suite nr 1 – live recording from August 1980, Linköping

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